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Quilting Pen Pals

Here is a list of Quilters who are looking for pen pals with quilting in common.

~To contact someone below click on their name for an email link.

~You can also have your name posted to this list. Below you will find a form to submit your name and email address. Names are listed for 6 months. Please resubmit your request, at that time, if you wish to be listed for a longer period.

Betty ~ Sydney, NSW, Australia
Nella ~ Sangano, Italy
Karen ~ Salem, OR, USA
Judith ~ Middleton, NS, Canada
Roxanne ~ Stanhope, NL, Canada
Sally ~ Lincoln, England
Mary Beth ~ Baltimore, MD, USA
Marilyn ~ Bridgetown, NS, Canada
Jo ~ Corrales, NM, USA
Vonda ~ Saint Albans, WV, USA
Francoise ~ Mons, Belgique
Anita ~ Tintinara, SA, Australia
Miriam ~ Covington, VA, USA
Claire ~ New South Wales, Australia
Maria ~ Fayetteville, NC, United States
Theresa ~ Syracuse, NY, USA
Cathie ~ Vaureal, France
Suzy ~ Tullamore, Ireland
Ann ~ Bakersfield, CA, USA
Patricia ~ Buenos Aires, Argentina

                   Post my name please!


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